Richard Calahan
President and Safety Manager

Objective:  Manage all responsibilities and rights of all positions maintained at Calahan Construction Services to optimize client satisfaction by producing efficient quality while maximizing cost-effective utilization of all resources to cultivate an increasingly good reputation. 


  • Manage field operations safety. 
  • Promote the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction. 
  • Maintain safety requirements and prevent avoidable risk to the personnel and project. 
  • Prevent foreseeable risk.
  • Implement and evaluate safety procedures.
  • Create and maintain timelines and schedules. 
  • Uphold code requirements while ensuring compliance with quality control standards. 
  • Develop and propose solutions to all problems encountered during project phases. 
  • Support all field operations.

Richard Calahan

  • Richard is certified National Standard General Building Contractor (A) statewide.
  • SESAC: Richard Calahan is a member of the board of SESAC, the Steel Erection Safety Association of Colorado.
  • Richard manages construction. 
  • Richard has extensive training on management and safety. 
  • Richard participates with Total Quality Management principles. 
  • Richard achieves client satisfaction with on-time  completion at or below projected costs.

Don Calahan
Vice President and Manager of Sales & Finance

Objective:  Utilize all responsibilities to continue to ensure service efficiency, quality, and cost-effective management of resources and time to support Calahan Construction Services’ excellence and earned good reputation.


  • Oversee financial operations in all Calahan Construction Services’ projects. 
  • Govern client relations
  • Supervise administrative operations
  • Manage employees including recruiting, training, assignments, coaching, planning, monitoring, and discipline. 
  • Submit and accomplish proposals, bids, and contracts. 
  • Recommend strategic plans impacting all aspects of the business.
  • Enforce standards and customer expectation. 
  • Resolve challenges. 
  • Identify, determine, and implement system improvements. 
  • Forecast financial objectives and challenges

Don Calahan

  • Don Calahan manages Sales & Finance.
  • Don has extensive training on management and cost/benefit maximization.
  • Don cuts red without cutting corners. 
  • Don leads by example.
  • Don supports employees. 

Gordon Calahan
Senior Project Manager

Objective:  Apply and implement all responsibilities to serve as an example for employees and staff as a means to increase efficiency, quality, and cost-effective management to enhance Calahan Construction Services’ excellence and quality relationships.


  • Oversee specific field operations. 
  • Draft the project budget with the pre-construction team and superintendent. 
  • Manage daily construction operations, control of subcontractors, and suppliers.
  • Review and maintain subcontractor costs and qualifications.
  • Control project schedules including material and equipment lead time. 
  • Identify potential risk affecting schedule, cost, contract, and client relationships.
  • Oversee project logs, records, reports, and related materials. 
  • Ensure quality control standards are met and exceeded. 
  • Manage RFI/RFQ and change orders. 

Gordon Calahan

  • Gordon is certified National Standard General Building Contractor (A) in Denver.
  • Gordon Calahan is Senior Project Manager
  • Gordon oversees all field operations.
  • Gordon has over 45 years of experience in project management.
  • Gordon has formal training in management and construction.
  • Gordon is a Member of Jefferson County Schools Financial Oversight Committee. 
  • Gordon is a Member of Jefferson County Schools Bond Committee.
  • Gordon has high standards and expectations.
  • Gordon leads by example.

Steve Rowe

Objective: Capitalize on all responsibilities and experience to economically and efficiently exceed all client expectations and desires while cognizantly augmenting efficient use of all resources and enhancing the good reputation of Calahan Construction Services. 


  • Completing projects as proposed, on-time and on-budget. 
  • Maximize purchasing power and returns-on-investment by utilizing value engineering.
  • Protect and assist client profits. 
  • Evaluate subcontractor bids and qualification.
  • Determine matrices in relation to scope evaluations. 
  • Identify risk impacting project costs. 
  • Oversee project accounting functions with project accountant. 
  • Manage scheduling, budget and financial reporting. 
  • Track and control commodity expenditures.
  • Develop and prepare cost budgets and full cost estimates based on bid documents and work scopes.
  • Maintain value awareness of all materials involved in projects.

Steve Rowe

  • Steve Rowe is Calahan Construction Services’ primary purchasing agent.
  • Steve works closely with the Vice President to bid projects
  • Steve has participated extensively in further study of management and cost control. 
  • Steve is often able to utilize his experience to foresee opportunities to protect clients.
  • Steve maximizes unseen returns with his extensive knowledge of current pricing and quality.
  • Steve has extensively studied renaissance architecture and design principles.