• On-Site CAD
  • Architect
  • Mechanical
  • Engineering

Construction Types

  • Tilt-Up
  • Pre-Cast
  • Post-Tension
  • Block and Brick
  • Pre-engineered Buildings
  • Tenant Finishes


What can you expect from Calahan Construction Services?

  • Layouts and Preliminary Plans

Site plan designs, basic building layouts, cost estimates

  • Complete Working Drawings

Architects create the most workable and practical plans to meet clients needs and budgets.

  • City and County Liaisons

Our years of experience working within City and County codes, regulations, and procedures support a smooth

  • Fast, Economical Construction

We’ve completed hundreds of buildings and work with budgets ranging from thousands to multimillion dollar projects. Our commitment to getting projects done on-time and on-budget has resulted in a long list of satisfied customers

Design with cost in mind ...

Site Design

We have designed, developed, and constructed buildings in the Industrial, commercial, retail, and home markets. Let us know what your building needs are and we can assist you with any facet of site planning and development.

Office Design and Construction

When you have your office built, you want it to operate efficiently. Our designers and construction specialists will work with you to ensure that when you open the doors to your new facility, it meets all your needs and desires, now and in the future.

Project Consultation

If you just need some help from a consultant, we can answer your question about feasibility, practicality, and valuation of your next dream project. We can even help you by brokering a land purchase.

Competitive Bidding

If you are an architect, builder, or consultant bidding on a project and need assistance we can help you assemble a competitive bid.